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Hey there,

I did not realize a few days ago that I would find a new project to work on. (Seriously, who has time for another project).

As you may know, one of my mentors is a multi-millionaire growing an incredible company as a “Trade School” for Marketers (more on that in another post) but, a few days ago, he introduced me to an incredible free platform where Online and “Brick and Mortar” Marketers meet.

I had heard of IBOSocial before but, as most things we hear of, ended up in the back of my mind. (Actually, not even on my mind)


All along, I had this amazing opportunity to connect with tens of thousands business owners who are looking to connect with others AND market my business FOR FREE.

Yep, totally free to use.

You are actually encouraged to post your business links (never worry about being “spammy”) as well as post your great content on a news feed that is read by over 100,000 “organic” visitors everyday.

By “organic”, I mean, these visitors come from Outside the IBOSocial Network. And, that’s the best part. All of us that have profiles on IBO are not just trying to market to each other, we are marketing to visitors who have found our content somewhere else.

IBO automatically ranks your posts and press releases on lots of cool sites like Google and Bing AND re-posts your blog posts on


Did I mention the FR.e.e Banner and Text ads you can place on IBO?

There are lots of great ways you can use this free service to market your business.

Almost every profile has a phone number as well so, if you want to reach out to your Associates (that what your contacts are called in IBO), you can just call them and, they usually pick up their phones.


Check it out LIVE


Visit my free profile HERE!

I have been using IBO for only a couple days and have made some great connections, created leads for my Primary Company, had new visitors to my site and connected by sharing some great content. (o’ ya, and have been ranked as a 4 star out of 5 already)

Check it out.

Have fun with this site and grow your business for free.

See ya soon,



P.S. If you are looking for some great training on how to connect with Entrepreneurs, I have something else cool to show you. Take MLSP for a 3 day test drive here. It’s only $2 and will change your business forever. Guaranteed

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