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You are taking steps that are not only NECESSARY but, APPROPRIATE to ensure your success. Let’s keep it going from our previous post and move on to:




Step 6

Get Training

Now, I don’t know about you but, I enjoy learning stuff. I want to learn something new everyday. I am passionate about business and ways to create success. I also know that, although I am very good at what I do, I can always improve. IF you are an expert. GREAT. If you are not, get the training you need to become one. There are many ways and channels to get proper training for your specific business. As you begin in business, concentrate on one training at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself with information. Stay focused and MASTER one element at a time. Remember how we discussed “Patience”  in Part 1 well, here is the perfect example on when to use it. Be patient and master one training program at a time.

Speaking of EXPERTS. Find the experts in your field and DO WHAT THEY DO. Why try and re-invent the wheel? When you are starting out, listen to your mentors and emulate their actions. You will see some success just by following their lead and THAT will really help with your motivation.

Absorb as much information as you can without overloading yourself. Read blogs and articles. Watch videos. Read Books and Publications on your business topic. LEARN!!

Here are my personal top training topics.

- Product/Service Knowledge (You have to know what you are selling)

- Networking Skills (You gotta meet people. Online or Off)

- Marketing (People need to know you and your product/service exist)

- Lead Generation (You have to sell your product to someone)

- Closing (You have to “Ask for the money”)

- Follow up (Keep Top of Mind Awareness Through Others with your Customers/Clients/Distributors)



All the training you will EVER NEED!


Step 7

Find a Mentor(s)

This is the MOST ENJOYABLE part of my business. I truly appreciate and enjoy the relationship I have with my Mentors. (Yes, I have more than one).

A Mentor will support you, coach you and lead you down the correct path to success. You have to be able to be “Coached”. Remember in the video in Part 1 how we discussed Humility? This is where you use that skill. Listen to what your Mentor says. Open yourself up to criticism and use all the advice to improve yourself and your business. Your Mentor may be younger than you (especially nowadays when technology is so prevalent in business). Don’t let that bother you. Listen and Learn.




Step 8

Be Consistent

In business, consistency is KEY. If you are not constantly producing or staying in front of your Customers/Team Members, you will soon not have any Customers/Team Members. That is a very harsh but, very true fact of business. If you want to randomly work your business and not be consistent with your efforts I encourage you to stop now. Don’t waste your time anymore.

If you will be consistent with your actions, you will be successful in your business. You will keep Top of Mind Awareness with your Customers/Team Members. Here are a few tips on consistency

- Get up everyday, exercise, put on “work clothes” and get your Mindset ready for a successful day

- If you are an Online Marketer. Post content on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT basis

- If you plan on being a part of certain Networking Groups or Organizations. Go to EVERY meeting.


Step 9

Be Organized

This is NOT a Healthy Work Environment

Don’t even TRY to become successful in this environment.


THIS is a Healthy Work Environment

Now. Isn’t that better?


Step 10

Stay Focused

The ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE RULE for ANY business owner but, especially for a Home Based Business Owner is FOCUS.

If you are not focused, you are WASTING YOUR TIME. You are investing your OWN time. Why on earth would you waste it.

Here is an easy rule to follow to help you stay focused:

Use the 50/10 Rule . Stay on task for a minimum of 50 minutes EVERY HOUR. Don’t let ANYTHING distract you. Take the other 10 and stretch, get some water, check email or whatever. Stay focused for 50 minutes of every hour and you will be amazed at your progress and success.

Don’t even try to Multi-Task. It’s a proven fact that it hurts productivity and focus.

Stay Focused


Set small goals on an hourly and daily basis. These goals are easy to reach and will help you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you have small tasks, set aside and hour to get them all done and out of the way. Set a schedule to accomplish larger tasks in days/weeks/months.

Copy this next Goal Setting Strategy into a document or write it down where it will be visible to you EVERYDAY

“On or before [fill in a date]. I will have done EVERYTHING NECESSARY and

APPROPRIATE to have achieved [fill in a goal here]

Make a promise to yourself and keep it. This does not have to be a HUGE GOAL. This can be any goal. You may have dozens of these phrases written down. Read it out loud to yourself EVERYDAY and you will see yourself reaching your goals.

Make a list, organize it and FOLLOW it.

Owning a business can be very overwhelming. If you want to stop that feeling, there is a very simple solution. Make a list of what you need to accomplish. Organize that list by priority and then just FOLLOW YOUR LIST. Remember, you are your OWN BOSS. You are now telling you what to do. Follow this principle and soon your list will get smaller and smaller while your business grows and grows.


Congratulations on taking the correct steps towards success in your business.








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