By Kyle Villers


I am a Colorado Native of 39 years (almost 40). My passion has been building Bars and Restaurants over the past 16 years. I have been a part of all phases of the business develepment from concept to Opening Day, through the first successful years. My wife (married since 1996) and I were also the proud Owners of one of the 5 establishments I helped create. I truly love developing and building a business from scratch. Turning that key to the front door on Opening Day is quite an amazing feeling.

Today, I own Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC and am continuing to build businesses but, now I help build OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESSES! I have had some wonderful success in my life and want to share my knowledge with others.

The company name “Affordable Marketing Solutions LLC” is just what it says it is.

  • “Affordable” because most of what I have to offer with regards to training is FREE and sites I may recommend to help you grow your business have very low subscription rates. **Advice is ALWAYS FREE**
  • “Marketing” because I will show you how to effectively Market your business (online or offline).
  • “Solutions” because that is exactly what I offer. Solutions to the problems of opening your own or, building your own business.

Whether you have a “brick and mortar” business, have been in business for years or, you are building a Network Marketing Business online, I have the tools and training you need to create growth. In just a few minutes a day I will show you how to create leads and customers for your business. We will go as fast or slow as you want. This is YOUR BUSINESS. I am just here to create growth for you.

Call or email anytime. I am in Fort Collins, Colorado if you also want to meet in person to chat. Advice is always free and I look forward to a relationship with you.


Kyle Villers

Affordable Marketing Solutions

(970) 219-1200 (cell)


Here is a great video if you are considering a Network Marketing Company. Lots of great advice.








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