Peter Castleman- Chairman/Founder/Visionary

Castleman Vision

The Guy that Started it all:

  • Mr. Castleman graduated from Duke University at the top of his class in Economics, became a Professor at Harvard, then worked on Wall Street, first with JP Morgan, then as Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group with mergers and acquisitions.
  • Peter bought North Face outerwear company when it was going bankrupt, and turned it into a $3 BILLION per year company and then sold it. He did the same with Igloo, and many others.
  • Peter started importing Chinese herbs, grew a company to $50 MILLION per year and then sold it to NuSkin. This became Pharmanex, which NuSkin then grew to almost $1 billion per year.
  • Peter was impressed with the power of network marketing. Four years after Marc Hughes of Herbalife passed away, Peter encouraged his partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife. They bought Herbalife when it was at $700+ MILLION per year, and within 5 years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to over $3 BILLION per year. Peter then tried to personally purchase Herbalife with his own funds, but could not come to a meeting of minds on the pricing.

His dream for many years has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission, and with a passion for health. Thus, a new company, YEVO, was born!

Peter will make sure that there is never a shortage of funds to grow the Yevo business (Peter’s net worth is estimated at over $850 MILLION).

Peter says he will be disappointed if Yevo only becomes a billion dollar company! He predicts YEVO will be a $20 to $200 Billion company in three years. HUGE prediction, but remember the food industry is a 4.3 Trillion dollar industry!

He believes Yevo is not in competition with any existing network marketing company and that his competition is Nestle and Proctor and Gamble.

Peter’s focus is on helping develop a REAL solution to a global health crisis …



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Click to Join YEVO as a Customer OR Distributor








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