Penny MatrixToday, you are going to see how this 7 minute video and seven dollars could change your life forever!


I know you’re thinking. “How could $7 change anything”? Well, let me show you.


The Penny Matrix is currently EXPLODING onto the Network Marketing world. It is poised to become the fastest growing and largest Network Marketing Company EVER! The reason we can make this very bold statement is because we are doing something NEVER done before in this industry.

Usually, in Network Marketing, business owners spend countless hours on the phone, in hotel conference rooms holding meetings or hosting parties in their homes. People can spend thousands of dollars trying to get qualified leads to share their opportunity with. The Penny Matrix utilizes Call Centers around the world to recruit new members.  These Call Centers are staffed by professional recruiters that work on your behalf. These people are called “Agents” and, are highly trained to be recruiting MACHINES!


Imagine for a moment how fast your organization will build when you have people working 8 hours a day, everyday making hundreds of calls to recruit and generate qualified leads for your organization.


The Penny Matrix also uses a “Forced Matrix” design which, has been proven time and time again to be the safest and quickest way to build a quality downline.


Let me introduce you to the man behind all of this. You may know him as the “60 Second Millionaire” Mr. Tracy Davison. Tracy created a downline of over 220,000 people in his last company and believes the Penny Matrix will not only reach that goal but, surpass it on a scale never before seen in the Network Marketing Industry. Tracy created an income of $70,000 a week and is now sharing his system with anyone who wants to create time and money freedom in their lives.


I will say that any income statements made in this video are not guaranteed now or in the future. There is no guarantee you will make money but, the opportunity is here for you become VERY successful.


So, how does this work and how in the world can you only pay $7 a month for this kind of program.


Well, as I mentioned before. The Penny Matrix is a “Forced Matrix” meaning that as new people join they are put into the next open slot in the Matrix. This slot may be below you or next to you. The point is, that you will see your team grow by the efforts of the people above you AND below you. It’s a win, win for everyone and here is where our “Agents” come into the picture.


As you can see, the goal is to fill this entire center as well as have “Agents” that work from home. Just the results created by these first 10 “Agents” has been incredible. Imagine what will happen when we reach our goal of 10,000 trained “Agents” each making hundreds of phone calls a day. These “Agents” are also paid very well for their time so, becoming an “Agent” with our company is a highly desired position and we have people lining up for the opportunity to work with us.


Again, imagine the EXPLOSIVE growth we will see when we have our Call Centers full and the lives we are going to change not only in the local markets but, around the world!


So, where do you come in to all of this.

First, let’s talk about the products in the Penny Matrix. We currently sell eBooks. These books range in topic from Personal Development to Home and Garden and with your $7 a month, you get access to our library. This library will continue to grow as the company expands plus, more and different products may become available in the future.

Second is your organization. You will see growth even if you NEVER share this with anyone because remember, growth will happen automatically from the OTHER people above and below you. Your organization will be populated by “Agents” and other people who joined the Penny Matrix that are either paid or unpaid members. You can also share the Penny Matrix with others to double your commissions AND (this is the best part). You can actually PURCHASE AGENTS who will be put underneath you and work on your behalf to build YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR YOU!


That’s the power of the Penny Matrix . You can have “Agents” who are dedicated to not only creating a huge organization for themselves but, building YOUR downline automatically for you.


The bottom line is, when you get in and position yourself in the Penny Matrix with me you WILL be successful.  I currently have 20 paid “Agents” working to build my downline and the downlines of anyone under me AND (I forgot to mention this). Once you have people in your downline, you can share ANY other opportunity with them. This is like list building on STEROIDS! You will have a team of Network Marketers who already see you as their leader and mentor that you can build incredible futures with PLUS, you will get me as your personal coach and mentor and get access to my training library to help you build yourself personally and professionally.


The time to get in is NOW! Not tomorrow. Not next week but NOW! For the price of a sandwich, you can build a HUGE team and finally create the business you have always dreamed of.


Click the link below  and you will be taken to a page to sign up. It’s the best $7 you will EVER spend!




Thank you for your time. I’ll see you on the next page.


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