By Kyle Villers




The internet is all a flutter over the news this afternoon about the offices of

Rex Venture Group shutting it’s doors.


First things first.


Everybody take a deep breath and relax. There is NO credible information yet for ANYONE to make an informed decision.


OK, feel better?


Here is what we do know:


Rex Venture’s Group has closed it’s office for the rest of the week.

Employees were seen taking personal items out in boxes and have posted a message on their websites










Here is the GOOD NEWS


This is NOT a criminal investigation. If it were. The office would be locked by the local authorities. Employees were walking out with items which would NOT happen if a criminal activity was suspected.

Rex Venture’s Group has had complaints with the Attorney General but, ALL of them have been address and closed. (To put in perspective, received 3000 complaints last year and most of them are still outstanding)

A spokesperson for Rex Venture’s Group has stated that refunds WILL be available if requested.



That’s it for now. I will post information as it comes out. Keep checking back for news.






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