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ZeekRewards Refunds
SEC Freezes $225 Million







The SEC has frozen $225 Million in multiple bank account along with ALL Third Party accounts. The SEC is on YOUR SIDE (even though it does not seem like it). To protect those involved with and, they stepped in when they saw that Rex Venture Group did NOT have the funds to pay out what it’s Affiliates were making.

These assets have been frozen and WILL be paid to “Investors”. The amount paid back and the timing of the payouts are currently up in the air but, eventually SOME will be paid back.

Paul Burks (CEO of Rex Venture Group) has agreed to a fine of $4 Million and has removed himself from the company.

Here are some valuable links:

For more information on the Civil Suit filed by the SEC follow this link

You can write in to the SEC to explain your position and find out more information about when (and how much) refunds will be available. (Use this case number when you write in)

The case is SEC v. Rex Venture Group LLC, U.S. District Court, Western District of North Carolina, No. 12-00519.

There is also a hotline to call for information

(919) 716-6046

This is a pre-recorded message that updates when any new information becomes available.



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