Stop paying over $4000 every year in TAXES!





I would like to share with you about Tax Deductions and how ANYONE can get significantly more Tax Deductions

Think about this. What are your biggest household expenses? Housing, Food, Transportation, Health Care. Actually the biggest expense is TAXES. Did you know, you are probably overpaying $3500-$6000 MORE every year than you need to in TAXES!

The best way to get tax breaks is to open your own Home Based Business. The government actually ENCOURAGES people to open a business because, the more Small Businesses there are in the U.S., the more stable the economy can be AND Congress has approved special tax deductions ONLY for home based business owners.

Alright, you are thinking “I don’t have time or money to start a Home Based Business” but, let me share this with you. The IRS only requires two things to qualify a Home Based Business.

  1. It must be worked regularly (a couple hours each week). (For an extra $4000 a year, I WILL find a couple hours every week)
  2. You must have the “INTENT TO MAKE A PROFIT”. This doesn’t mean you have to make a profit, you only have to intend to. Secret: If you are not profitable after a couple years, the government may come to you and ask for all those deductions back so, be careful.

I used to say, “I don’t have the money” but, then I thought about it and realized. If I can save $300-$500 every month in taxes, that’s like putting money right into my pocket. My home based business will actually pay ME. It won’t cost me to be in business, I will be in the profit within a couple months just from the tax savings alone after I pay off my startup costs, and any money I make IN my business will be PURE PROFIT. So imagine. Even if you pay $1000 to start up a Home Based Business, in a couple months it is paid off and now you are in profit mode.






So, remember,

If you are not operating your own Home Based Business you are overpaying anywhere from $3500-$6000 EVERY YEAR in taxes. Are you still thinking “I can’t afford it” well, here’s news YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO DO IT”.

Here is a hint. Make sure you choose the RIGHT type of business. Remember, you have to “Intend to make a profit” so, make sure the business you choose qualifies and also think about if you want to sell a certain product. Do you want to sell Potions, Lotions, Powders or Pills to all your friends or, do you want a business that automatically qualifies for BOTH IRS rules mentioned earlier AND doesn’t require you to sell anything or recruit anyone (Unless you want to)






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