Are you sitting on a FORTUNE in Silver?


You may be and not even know it!



Nowadays, it pays to have Silver Coins stashed away for a rainy day (or the end of the world as we know it depending on your view). Silver and Gold are becoming more and more valuable as the economy weakens. Someday, we will be buying a loaf of bread or gallon of heating oil with what we now consider “junk silver” or “silver bullion“. You may have more value than you think sitting in that jar on the shelf that you have been throwing your spare change into over the years.



Here are 4 quick ways to tell if you have anything of value in your coin collection.


1. For U.S. Coins – Look at the edge of the coin. If it has more than one color, you do not have a silver coin.


2. For U.S. Coins – Look at the date. If it was minted after 1964, chances are, you do not have any silver in that coin.


3. For ALL Coins – Drop it. (No, seriously. Drop it). Does it sound hollow or not crisp when it hits a hard surface. If it does, there is a good chance it is at least 90% Silver.


4. For ALL Coins – Use a facial tissue. Cover your coin collection with a facial tissue and look at your coins under a light. Silver coins will be much brighter under the tissue and are easy to spot.

Watch this video to see how to identify Silver Coins in your Coin Collection

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