By Kyle Villers

“Getting Started” with a Network Marketing Business


You did it!!


Just by reading this, you have taken the first steps to becoming an Entrepreneur. This will be the most powerful decision you have ever made in your life.

In the Network Marketing Business for Beginners series we will discuss Mindset, choosing the right company, what to buy immediately, the difference between “Old School” and “New School” Marketing Techniques and how to create your Social Media with regards to Facebook, Blogs, SEO and more. Are you ready?


Mindset in your Network Marketing Business

Before you even think about the big checks, fancy cars and living your life from the beach, you must first get your mindset right. There are two different types of Network Marketers in this world. On one side we have the “hopers”. These people constantly “hope” for wealth and success and spend most of their time dreaming about what it is going to be like when they have a HUGE DOWNLINE and imaging 5-6 figure checks in the mail. The other side of the business has the “Doers”. These people only glance at the horizon because they are laser focused on creating a successful company. Hard work and dedication is all they know about their Network Marketing Business.

Network Marketing is about 80% “Hopers” and unfortunately, most of them fail within the first year. This mental attitude is understandable considering this industry is partially built on hope, faith and emotion. Without these factors, Network Marketing would not exist. These emotions and dreams are what drive most Entrepreneurs to succeed. Your Mindset needs to give you control over these emotions and use them as business building tools. Do not let them lead your Mindset. This will only lead to frustration and possible failure.

Know this about Mindset. You are going to have to work hard to build your business. You WILL NOT build your team just by talking to your family and friends, posting a couple blogs and getting a Facebook Fan Page. Although all of these are factors in your business (to be discussed later), the core contributor to your success will be hard work and an unrelenting pursuit of success.


Choosing the right Company

I know it would be very simple for me to give you the answer to the question “What is the best Network Marketing Company?” and I am sure you have tried to look it up. All you found was self promotion or links to “sales” sites right?

Beginners in a Network Marketing Business have a HUGE task nowadays considering the growth of the Network Marketing Community lately. There are literally thousands of NM companies to choose from. I only know of one that is perfect for everybody (I will explain later) but, what you need to decide is what you want to sell. Is it Health and Beauty? Cards and Gifts? Energy? Training Programs? Gold and Silver?

The first piece of advice I will give you is to CHOOSE CAREFULLY. Take your time. Research the company. Look for a Debt Free Company. Check out their Compensation Plan. Ask your Upline how involved they will be in your business (a good Mentor will be the difference between 3 figure checks and 6 figure checks). This is YOUR BUSINESS. Treat it as such.

The final decision is, if you will be happy selling ABC’s product. Will you believe in it? Will you have faith in this company?

Last Question

Will you have the vision of success that will get you up early in the morning and keep you up late at night as YOUR unrelenting pursuit of success builds YOUR business? If you can answer yes to this, CONGRATULATIONS! You are on your way!

Let’s Celebrate!!


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