Properly Re- Size your photos BEFORE uploading them to sites like Craigslist, Facebook and SendOutCards.



Nowadays, digital cameras are so incredible that they can take amazing photographs. The problem sometimes is that, those pictures have a HUGE file size and can take forever to upload or won’t fit properly into a certain type of website or mobile app. The solution is to resize and edit the picture before you upload it to your site.

There are a couple steps I would recommend you take before you get started to keep everything organized. The first is to:


  1. Create a specific folder where you will “dump” all your images from your camera. If you are also recording video, keep them in a separate folder also. The more organized you are in the beginning, the easier this process becomes.
  2. Create a folder where you will put your properly labeled and edited photos and videos. This will make finding them very easy before you upload them to your site.
  3. Open you photo editing software. I prefer to use Irfanview. This is a free download and is extremely easy to use. It may not have all the bells and whistles that other programs have but, I like how simple it is to learn and use.
  4. Under File – Open File and search the folder you import your photos into.
    1. If the picture looks small, click on the + button to enlarge it on your screen
    2. To crop your photo – Click and drag your mouse to make a square. Grab on to each side of the square to adjust the size of the crop.
    3. Click on Edit and click “Crop Selection”
    4. To zoom in on a specific part of any picture – Click and drag your mouse and then click inside the box you just created. That box will become full screen sized.
    5. To enter Text into the picture – Click and drag your mouse and then click Edit and “Insert Text Into Selection”
    6. To Rotate a Picture – Click Image and Rotate
    1. To Add a Frame to your Image (one of my personal favorite features) – Click “Add Border/Frame” under the Image Tab and choose what kind of frame, what color and the size. If you don’t like what frame you made, just click the back button at the top of the screen and make another one.
    2. To Resize a picture – Click Image and Resize/Resample
      1. You will see the current size of the picture on the top left
      2. You can easily make it half size or a standard size
      3. You can make you picture a specific size if the site you are uploading to requires a specific size (for instance, Facebook Profile Pictures need to be a minimum of 180×180 before uploading. Cover photos need to be 851×315 and Craigslist photos work best at about a 800×600 resolution)
      4. If you click on “Preserve Aspect Ratio” you can enter one dimension and the picture will automatically resize and keep its original shape.
      5. You can also us percentages if you wish to make a picture 70% of its original size.
      6. To reduce red eyes – Enlarge the picture and click and drag over the red eye then under Image, click “Red Eye Reduction”
      7. To save your file – Click on File and “Save As” then save it in your Modified Pictures folder with a specific name or date for easy reference when uploading.

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