How to get 30 “Likes” in 30 Minutes


Facebook is everywhere. Over 300 Million people use Facebook every day. If you have a business, you have an amazing opportunity to reach out to Millions of potential customers.

The big question is: How do you reach all those people.


I have had a Fan Page for my Marketing Business for quite a while. When I made it. I shared it with all my “friends” and some of them “liked” it. I thought, “Alright, people will start seeing my posts about my business and I will start making tons of money!” But, just like you are probably finding out right now, “friends” are not the customers you are looking for. They are a great way to start building your “likes” and are a great way to help increase your “Edge Rank” (see post on EdgeRank here) but, your friends and family are not going to build your company to the level you think they might. So, what do you do with a Facebook Fan Page to build your company and start making money?

The first step is to create a Fan Page that is useful to your Fans. See how HERE


Next, you gotta get Fans. Not just people who “like” your page but, real fans of your business. These are people who will visit your page because you are helping them in some way. These are people that will share your posts and content and will comment and interact with you. Sounds easy doesn’t it. It is IF you know how.


As I mentioned before, Fans are people that don’t just “like” your business, they LOVE it. “Fan” is short for “fanatic”. To get anywhere with a Facebook Fan Page you must have fans that want to interact with your page and share your content with others.

For a free training on how to do this by Industry Experts Michelle and Bill Pescosolido Click Here. You will be taken to a page that will give you a FREE 90 minute training on creating Raving Fans for your Facebook Business Page.

So, the big question has yet to be answered. How do you get “Fans” that will become “Raving Fans”?

One way is to join Facebook Fan Page Parties. These are usually held on Fridays and within about 30 minutes YOU can get at least 30 likes. Here’s how.

1.       Join a Facebook Fan Page Party hosted by a Fan Page. (Click here to join my parties). You can find these parties on lots of business pages or, you can use the search function in Facebook or Google to find one.

2.       A “party” is really just a post that a business page has made (usually a picture post) that anyone can comment on to promote their business page.

3.       You MUST visit these “Parties” from your personal page. (If you “like” another Fan Page from your Business Page it does not count.)

4.       Post in the comments section of the “Party” with 2-3 lines about your business (focusing on how you help people) and then type in a link to your Facebook Business Page (make sure to use this format or copy your page’s URL directly into the comment if you have not made your Vanity URL yet). To make a Vanity URL for your page go to your Fan Page/Edit Page/Basic Info/Edit Username.

5.       Once you have promoted your Business Page, go to all the other comments and do a couple things

a.       Click “Like” on their comment

b.      Hover your cursor over their page name or directly click on it and “Like” their page (Remember, you are doing all this from your Personal Page)

c.       Other pages will do the same for your Business Page and BAM! You will get quite a few “likes” in a very short amount of time.


OK, now you are getting “likes” for your page. This is good for a few reasons.

a.       The more “likes” you have, the farther you can reach with your posts

b.      If you can get some interaction from your fans, you will increase your Edge Rank and then start showing up more on people’s Newsfeeds

But, if you REALLY want to start creating Raving Fans here is your new secret weapon.

-          Actually visit each new Fan or Business Page you “liked” during a party and post something on their Wall (or Timeline). People love seeing that someone has interacted with their page. DO NOT self-promote. Don’t even think about mentioning your business (would you like it if someone used your page to promote their business? I didn’t think so). Say something nice about them or their page. Write in “Hi, I really like your Cover Photo” or “Wow, there is some great information about ____________________ on your page. Do you mind if I share it?”

Be careful about just copying and pasting the same thing because:

a.       Facebook may see that as SPAM and shut down your page

b.      People will start seeing your same post as they visit all the pages from the Fan Page Party and you will lose all your credibility and will have wasted your time

Be genuine. Give a little. Share some of the posts you see on other Business Pages. This attitude and style will show others that you truly appreciate them and they will in turn, start sharing your content and THAT is the key to success with a Business Fan Page and how to make money on Facebook


When you have become comfortable with interacting with other pages on Fan Page Parties, start hosting your own. The exposure you will get is priceless AND the increased interaction from your fans will dramatically increase your page’s Edge Rank which will, in turn, increase your page’s visibility.

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