The U.S. Secret Service Outside Rex Venture’s Office
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Breaking News on Zeekler and ZeekRewards Shutdown




New information has surfaced about the news the Rex Venture Group has closed it’s office.


The U.S. Secret Service has confirmed it has opened an investigation against Rex Venture’s Group (aka: and This investigation also names RVG CEO Paul Burks.


It is also confirmed that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is working with the U.S. Secret Service on a joint investigation.


The North Carolina Attorney General’s office has opened a Hotline for information regarding this investigation (919) 716-6046. A recording on this hotline currently states and confirms the offices of RVG are closed but the NC Attorney General’s office did NOT force the closure. The offices were closed voluntarily by RVG

An online petition has been created here for supporters of Zeekler and ZeekRewards. As of 2pm on 08-17-12 about 17,000 people had signed it.

The CID (Civil Investigative Demand) was issued to Rex Venture Group on July 6, 2012. Their legal team has been working to provide the information requested by the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.






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